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Exaltation of Christ
    • Title: Exaltation of Christ
    • Author: Thomas CollierDownload PDF (812kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1646
    • Description: Exaltation of Christ in the Days of the Gospel; as the alone High Priest, Prophet and King of Saints.   More details...
Justification by Christ Alone
    • Title: Justification by Christ Alone
    • Author: Samuel RichardsonDownload PDF (1.03mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1647
    • Description: Justification by Christ Alone, a fountain of life and comfort, declaring that the whole work of man’s salvation was accomplished by Jesus Christ upon the cross, in that he took away and healed all elect, from all sins, and presented them to God holy without fault in His sight. And the Objections against this are answered, for the consolation of such as believe, that they may not ascribe that which is proper to Christ’s Priestly Office, to their believing.   More details...
Christ Alone Exalted
    • Title: Christ Alone Exalted
    • Author: Tobias CrispDownload PDF (4.37mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1643-1646
    • Description: Christ Alone Exalted, in the Perfection and Encouragement of the saints, notwithstanding sins and trials; being the complete works of Tobias Crisp; containing 52 sermons on several select texts of Scripture.   More details...
Justification Without Conditions
    • Title: Justification Without Conditions
    • Author: William EyreDownload PDF (1.29mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1653
    • Description: Vindiciae Justificationis Gratuitae or Justification without Conditions; or the Free Justification of a Sinner, Explained, Confirmed and Vindicated from the Exceptions, Objections and seeming Absurdities which are cast upon it, by the Assertors of Conditional Justification; more especially, from the Attempts of Mr. B. Woodbridge, in his Sermon entitled, “Justification by Faith;” of Mr. Cranford, in his Epistle to the Reader; and of Mr. Baxter, in some Passages which relate to the same Matter. Wherein also, the Absoluteness of the New Covenant is proved, and the Arguments against it are disproved.   More details...
Assertion of Grace
    • Title: Assertion of Grace
    • Author: Robert TowneDownload PDF (884kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1644
    • Description: Assertion of Grace or a Defense of the Doctrine of Free Justification against the lawless, unjust and uncharitable imputation of Legalists & Pharisees, or the Favorites of Antichrist, who under a pretended zeal of the Law, do pervert, dispute and obscure the simplicity of the Faith of the Gospel. Containing an Answer to that book entitled, The Rule of the Law under the Gospel, &c., which book set forth by Dr. Taylor is showed to be full of scandal and danger, as it was sent to the said Doctor a little before his death.   More details...
Re-Assertion of Grace
    • Title: Re-Assertion of Grace
    • Author: Robert TowneDownload PDF (1.23mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1654
    • Description: Re-Assertion of Grace or, Vindiciae Evangelii. A Vindication of the Gospel-truths, from the unjust censure and undue aspersions of Antinomians. In a modest Reply to Anthony Burgess, and his book, Vindiciae Legis. Also Samuel Rutherford’s Trial and Triumph of Faith, from which also Mr. Geerie and Mr. Bedford may receive a satisfactory answer.   More details...
Free Grace
    • Title: Free Grace
    • Author: John SaltmarshDownload PDF (912kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1646
    • Description: Free Grace or the Flowings of Christ’s Blood Freely to Sinners; being a Display of the Power of Jesus Christ on the Soul of one who had been in the Bondage of a troubled Conscience upwards of Twelve Years; till now upon a clearer discovery of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel; wherein many Divine Mysteries of the Soul, respecting Corruption, Unbelief, Sin, and Temptation, are experimentally opened; together with a Description of a Natural, a Legal and a Mixed State, under Law and Gospel. With a further Revelation of Gospel-glory in its Liberty, Freeness, and Simplicity, for Salvation in Christ.   More details...
Christ Exalted
    • Title: Christ Exalted
    • Author: Hanserd KnollysDownload PDF (436kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1645
    • Description: Christ Exalted, or a Lost Sinner Sought and Saved by Christ. God’s people are a holy people. Being the sum of diverse sermons preached in Suffolk.   More details...
The Glory of CHRIST Unveiled
    • Title: The Glory of CHRIST Unveiled
    • Author: Joseph HusseyDownload PDF (4.48mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1706
    • Description: The Glory of CHRIST Unveiled or the Excellency of CHRIST Vindicated in his Person, Love, Righteousness, &c., being an Exposition of the Mystery which was kept secret since the world began.   More details...
Discourse Concerning God’s Decrees
    • Title: Discourse Concerning God’s Decrees
    • Author: Edward BagshawDownload PDF (284kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1658
    • Description: A PRACTICAL DISCOURSE CONCERNING GOD’S DECREES IN TWO PARTS. The first concerning man’s unfitness to dispute against the decrees of God, out of Romans 9:20. The second tending to assert and clear God’s Absolute Election of a limited and certain number unto eternal life, out of Acts 13:48.   More details...
God’s Operations of Grace
    • Title: God’s Operations of Grace
    • Author: Joseph HusseyDownload PDF (1.97mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1707
    • Description: God’s Operations of Grace but no Offers of his Grace. To which are added two brief treatises. The One about Invitation, and the other about Exhortation of Sinners to come to Christ; both examined and consistently stated with the Glory of Free Grace, to rectify some Common and Prevailing Mistakes in Ministers, who now with Time, are running in the Present Generation.   More details...
Divine Energy of the Spirit
    • Title: Divine Energy of the Spirit
    • Author: John SkeppDownload PDF (1.16mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1722
    • Description: Divine Energy or the Efficacious Operations of the Spirit of God upon the soul of man, in his Effectual Calling and Conversion, stated, proved and vindicated. Wherein the real Weakness and Insufficiency of Moral Suasion, without the addition of the exceeding Greatness of God’s Power, for Faith and Conversion to God, are fully evinced. BEING AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST THE PELAGIAN PLAGUE.   More details...
A Little Star Catechism
    • Title: A Little Star Catechism
    • Author: William MasonDownload PDF (782kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1653
    • Description: Giving some light into the Counsels and Purposes of God revealed in the Scriptures; or a Catechism, wherein specific Gospel Truths are clearly set forth, and which by way of Question and Answer are opened and explained.   More details...
1946 London Confession of Faith
    • Title: 1646 London Confession of Faith
    • Author: Particular BaptistsDownload PDF (296kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1646
    • Description: A CONFESSION OF FAITH of Seven Congregations or Churches of Christ in London, which are commonly {but unjustly} called Ana-Baptists. Published for the Vindication of the Truth, and Information of the Ignorant; likewise for the Taking off of those Aspersions which are frequently both in Pulpit and Print Unjustly Cast Upon Them.   More details...
The Saint’s Desire; or, a Cordial for a Fainting Soul
    • Title: The Saint’s Desire
    • Author: Samuel RichardsonDownload PDF (1.36mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1647
    • Description: The Saint’s Desire; or, A Cordial for a Fainting Soul. Declaring that in Christ’s Righteousness only, {and in nothing else} there is life, happiness, peace, strength, comfort, joy, and all fullness of perfection. Also, the happy estate of a man in Christ, the life he lives, wherein he is exercised, his experiences, and his desires to enjoy God, &c.   More details...
The Peculiar Interest of the Elect in Christ
    • Title: The Peculiar Interest of the Elect in Christ
    • Author: John SpilsburyDownload PDF (1.03mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1646
    • Description: THE PECULIAR INTEREST OF THE ELECT IN CHRIST, AND HIS SAVING GRACE. Wherein it is proved that Christ hath not Presented to his Father’s Justice a Satisfaction for the Sins of all men; but only for the sins of those that do, or shall believe in him; which are his Elect Only; and the Objections of those that maintain the contrary, are also answered.   More details...
Divine Consolations
    • Title: Divine Consolations
    • Author: Samuel RichardsonDownload PDF (1.06mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1649
    • Description: Divine Consolations or a Fountain of Life and Comfort. Declaring that the Elect were Justified from the Punishment Of Sin by Christ, When He Was Upon the Cross, And The Objections Against it are Answered; and that Christ Alone is Our Life, Happiness, Peace, Strength, Comfort, Joy, and All Perfection.   More details...
Mystical Babylon Unveiled
    • Title: Mystical Babylon Unveiled
    • Author: Hanserd KnollysDownload PDF (751kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1679
    • Description: Mystical Babylon Unveiled, Wherein is proved. I. That Rome-papal is mystical-Babylon. II. That the Pope of Rome is the Beast. III. That the Church of Rome is the Great Whore. IV. That the Roman-priests are the False Prophet. Also, a call to come out of Babylon.   More details...
Samuel Trott Volume 1
    • Title: Select Writings Volume 1
    • Author: Samuel TrottDownload PDF (2.42mb)
    • Originally Printed: Embracing a Period from 1832-1862
    • Description: A compilation of Samuel Trott’s Writings, Copied from the “Signs of the Times” Embracing a period of thirty years. Volume #1.   More details...
Samuel Trott Volume 2
    • Title: Select Writings Volume 2
    • Author: Samuel TrottDownload PDF (2.67mb)
    • Originally Printed: Embracing a Period from 1832-1862
    • Description: A compilation of Samuel Trott’s Writings, as selected from the Signs of the Times, the Southern Baptist Messenger & the Christian Doctrinal Advocate, Embracing a period of thirty years. Volume #2.   More details...
Edward Drapes Gospel Glory
    • Title: Gospel Glory
    • Author: Edward DrapesDownload PDF (824kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1649
    • Description: Gospel-Glory; proclaimed before the sons of men, in the Visible and Invisible Worship of GOD; wherein the Mystery of God in Christ, and His Royal, Spiritual Government over the Souls and Bodies of His Saints is Clearly Discovered, Plainly Asserted and Faithfully Vindicated, against the Deceiver and his Servants who endeavour the cessation thereof, upon what pretence soever.   More details...
David Culy Conditionalism
    • Title: Fatal Blow to Conditionalism
    • Author: David CulyDownload PDF (254kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1726
    • Description: If the elect be complete before God in their Representative, then Faith and Repentance being brought in as conditions is a forsaking the Head, and denying Christ, our Representative. If there be any conditions attached to the obtaining of that Salvation which resides in Christ, it must be that the Father is not fully satisfied; but here is no place for conditions, for {if complete Reconciliation was not accomplished in the Person and Work of Christ} then we must accompany Christ in some way or manner to perfect the Atonement; but there is no defect whatsoever in that which Christ hath fully accomplished.   More details...
Church of Christ Justification
    • Title: Free Justification in Christ
    • Author: A Member of the Church of ChristDownload PDF (279kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1693
    • Description: A Very short and brief account of the Free Justification of God’s elect, from the condemning power of the Law, by that law change of persons, {flowing from an eternal act of Grace; by way of Covenant transaction between the Father and Son;} which brought Christ as Mediator, under the Curse and Condemnation of the broken Law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the Law, before Faith.   More details...
John Heydon Some Gospel Truths
    • Title: Some Gospel Truths
    • Author: John HeydonDownload PDF (874kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1647
    • Description: Some Gospel Truths Catechistically laid down, explained and vindicated; for the benefit of such as are weary of their own heart, conscience, mind, will, affections, thoughts, words, and works; that are all corrupt, impure and imperfect, and a very plague, as they stand in old Adam; and showing wherein they may find a pure, perfect and permanent heart, conscience, mind, will, affections, thoughts, words and works, viz., in the new Adam, Christ, that will commend them to God, and instate them herein, even in these dismal times, and bear them up in the saddest conditions, straights or exigencies that can befall poor believers in Christ, or, Man’s Badness & God’s Goodness.   More details...
David Culy Two Crowned Heads
    • Title: Glory of the Two Crowned Heads
    • Author: David CulyDownload PDF (726kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1726
    • Description: The Glory of the two Crowned Heads, Adam and Christ, unveiled; or the Mystery of the New Testament opened. Setting forth, amongst other sacred truths, that no Act is required of us to entitle us in the Blessing of that Covenant of Christ, no more than in the Adamic Covenant, for if there had, then this Covenant with Christ should not be so effectual to Life as Adam’s was to Death; and furthermore, if the elect were not thus secured in Christ before the Fall, then the elect were beloved out of Christ. This would imply that they were chosen out of Christ to be put into Christ; for the denial of Christ’s Suretyship in Adam’s Covenant lets in these absurdities, with many others too tedious to name or mention.   More details...
Crisp Christ Made Sin
    • Title: Christ Made Sin
    • Author: Samuel CrispDownload PDF (1273kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1691
    • Description: Christ made sin, as evinced from Scripture. "For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." Upon occasion of an exception taken at Pinner’s Hall, 28 January, 1689, at reprinting the Sermons of Dr. Tobias Crisp. Together with an Epistle to the auditory of the exception; and Dr. Crisp's own answer. To an exception against his assertion, of Christ being the first gift to a believer, before the acting of grace in him. We first Live, then Move.   More details...
Grace Mercy Peace
    • Title: Collected Writings of Henry Denne.
    • Author: Henry DenneDownload PDF (1119kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1640 - 1646
    • Description: Collected Writings of Henry Denne: Containing Grace, Mercy & Peace. 1640. Doctrine and Conversation of John the Baptist, Delivered in a Sermon. 1641. Seven Arguments to Prove, that in order of Working God doth justify his Elect before they do Actually Believe. 1643. Conference Between a Sick Man and a Minister of Christ. 1643. Man of Sin Discovered. 1646. By Henry Denne.    More details...
Collier Marrow of Christianity
    • Title: Marrow of Christianity
    • Author: Thomas CollierDownload PDF (838kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1647
    • Description: THE MARROW OF CHRISTIANITY OR a spiritual discovery of some Principles of Truth; meet to be known of all the saints represented in ten SECTIONS. Introduction written by JOHN SALTMARSH. To which is added: A brief Discovery of Antichrist, both in the Mystery, and in the History & A Discourse on the True Gospel Blessedness in the New Covenant. By Thomas Collier. 1647.    More details...
Honeycombe of Free Justification in Christ
    • Title: Honeycombe of Free Justification in Christ
    • Author: John EatonDownload PDF (1.98mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1642
    • Description: Free Justification by Christ Alone - Collected out of the mere Authorities of Scripture, and common and unanimous consent of the faithful interpreters and dispensers of God’s Mysteries upon the same, especially as they express the excellency of Free Justification. Preached and delivered by JOHN EATON, Master of Arts, sometime Student in Trinity College in Oxford; and fifteen years Minister and Preacher at Wickham-Market in Suffolk.   More details...
Collected Writings
    • Title: Collected Writings
    • Author: Samuel RichardsonDownload PDF (5.28mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1645-1658
    • Description: Collected Writings of Samuel Richardson: Containing - Biographical Sketch - Some Brief Considerations on Doctor Featley’s Book / 1645 - The Saint’s Desire; or a Cordial for a Fainting Soul / 1647 - Certain Questions Propounded to the Assembly / 1647 - Justification by Christ Alone / 1647 - Necessity of Religious Toleration / 1647 & Plain Dealing / 1656 - Divine Consolations or A Fountain of Life & Comfort / 1649 - An Answer to the London Ministers Letter / 1649 - The Cause of the Poor Pleaded / 1653 - An Apology for The Present Government / 1654 - A Discourse on the Torments of Hell / 1658 - London Confession of Faith / 1646.    More details...
Luther Galatians
    • Title: Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Galatians
    • Author: Martin LutherDownload PDF (3.04mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1535
    • Description: A Commentary of Master Doctor Martin Luther upon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galatians. First collected and gathered word by word out of his preaching and now out of Latin faithfully translated into English for the unlearned. Wherein is set forth most excellently the glorious riches of God’s Grace, and the power of the Gospel, and the strength of faith declared; to the joyful comfort and confirmation of all true Christian believers, especially such as inwardly being afflicted and grieved in conscience, do hunger and thirst for Justification in Christ Jesus. For whose cause most chiefly this book is translated and printed, and dedicated to the same. {From the Title Page of the First English Edition. Printed 1575.}    More details...
Foxe Christ Crucified
    • Title: Christ Crucified
    • Author: John FoxeDownload PDF (1.29mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1575
    • Description: In 1570, at the request of Edmund Grindal, Bishop of London, John Foxe preached a sermon at Paul’s Cross, which was an open-air pulpit {on the grounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral} of mostly timber with room for 3 or 4 inside it, set on stone steps with a lead-covered roof and a low surrounding wall. From here was preached much of the English Reformation, with sermons preached here usually printed and thus redistributed to a wider audience. This lofty exposition of the Protestant doctrine of redemption and attack on the doctrinal errors of the Papist Church was enlarged and published that year as A Sermon of Christ Crucified.    More details...
Saltmarsh Sparkles of Glory
    • Title: Sparkles of Glory
    • Author: John SaltmarshDownload PDF (1.10mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1647
    • Description: SPARKLES OF GLORY, or Some beams of the Morning-Star. Wherein are many discoveries as to truth, and peace. To the establishment, and pure enlargement of a Christian in Spirit and Truth. “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD; his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.” Hosea 6:3.    More details...
Davis Justification before Faith
    • Title: Vindication of the Doctrine of Justification & Union Before Faith
    • Author: Richard DavisDownload PDF (933 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1698
    • Description: A vindication of the doctrine of Justification and Union before Faith wherein the great truth of the Grace of our Lord Jesus in his representing the persons of his elect on the cross, of his suffering for them as their Representative is asserted and cleared, and the Eternal Justification and Union of the Lord’s chosen people is plainly stated and proved; also the assurance of faith is evidently confirmed; with a clear demonstration of how these precious Gospel Truths do promote holiness and sanctification in the hearts and conversations of true believers.    More details...
Wayman Further Enquiry After Truth
    • Title: A Further Enquiry After Truth & A Further Defense Thereof
    • Author: Lewis WaymanDownload PDF (1.16 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1738 & 1739
    • Description: “A Further Enquiry After Truth,” wherein is shown, what Faith is required of unregenerate persons; and what the Faith of God’s elect is, which is a blessing of the Covenant of Grace. Occasioned by a Pamphlet, entitled, “A Modern Question Modestly Answered.” “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Matt.9:13. “So long as a man thinks his own righteousness good enough, that he shall do well enough, Christ does not call that man to believe.” John Owen.    More details...
Beza Treasure of Gospel Truth
    • Title: The Treasure of Gospel Truth
    • Author: Theodore BezaDownload PDF (1.91 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1576
    • Description: The Treasure of Gospel Truth; being a godly, learned, and comfortable treatise by Theodore Beza, concerning God and his Eternal Election and Predestination; touching the ground work of man and salvation, and the chiefest points of the Christian Religion, with a brief sum of the comfortable doctrine of God and his Providence, comprised in thirty-eight short aphorisms. Written in Latin by Theodore Beza, and turned into English by John Stockwood. Whereunto is also added, this godly treatise; which is that of Theodore Beza against Sebastian Chasteillon, {renowned for his heresies,} upon the subject matter of God’s Predestination, for the stopping of the mouths of the slanderous, as also for the further instructing of the ignorant.    More details...
Chauncy Neonomianism Unmasked
    • Title: Neonomianism Unmasked OR, A Plea for the ANCIENT GOSPEL
    • Author: Isaac ChauncyDownload PDF (2.68 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1692
    • Description: A Theological debate, occasioned by a book lately written by Mr. Daniel Williams, entitled, Gospel Truth Stated & Vindicated; Unwarily Commended and Subscribed by some divines. Mr. Chauncy, acting on the behalf, and in the person of, one Doctor Tobias Crisp, whose sermons have been ransacked - viciously rent and torn asunder by men whose poisoned minds have been directed to view the message of the pure Gospel of Grace through the spectacles of the Law; in these spiritual conversations not only vindicates, but also attempts to set forth the glorious Gospel of Christ, in all its assimilating truth, as a pure declaration of free & sovereign grace, in the free proclamation of an accomplished redemption through the sole merit, righteousness, and death of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.    More details...
Lancaster Gospel Vindication
    • Title: VINDICIAE EVANGELII or A Vindication of the Gospel
    • Author: Robert LancasterDownload PDF (0.99 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1694
    • Description: A Vindication of the Gospel, with the Establishment of the Law, being a reply to Mr. Steven Geree’s treatise entitled, the Doctrine of the Antinomians Confuted; wherein, he pretends to charge Divers Dangerous Doctrines on Doctor Crisp’s Sermons, as Anti-Evangelical and Antinomical.    More details...
Hobson Fourteen Queries
    • Title: Fourteen Queries and Ten Absurdities
    • Author: Paul HobsonDownload PDF (537 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1655
    • Description: Fourteen Queries and Ten Absurdities About the extent of Christ’s Death, the power of the creatures, the justice of God in condemning some, and saving others, presented by a free-willer to the Church of Christ at Newcastle, and answered by Paul Hobson, a member of the said church. In which answer is discovered, the extent of Christ’s Death, the nature and truth of Election, the condition of the creature both before and after conversion, &c. Published in tenderness of love for the good of all, especially for the churches of Christ.    More details...
Thomas Beverley Gospel Truth
    • Title: Gospel Truth
    • Author: Thomas BeverleyDownload PDF (392 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1693
    • Description: The true state of Gospel Truth, Established upon the Free Election of God in Christ. The Agreement, and yet Difference between Law and Gospel; so, that the Gospel cannot be styled Law. The Inconditionateness of Gospel Salvation. The Procedure of the Day of Judgment; in the way of a Conciliatory Discourse upon Mr. Williams and his Concessions.    More details...
The Stumbling Stone
    • Title: The Stumbling Stone
    • Author: William DellDownload PDF (605 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1653
    • Description: The Stumbling-Stone; or a Discourse touching that offence which the world and worldly Church do take against Christ Himself - His True Church - His True Word - His True Government - His True Worship - His True Ministry. Wherein the University is reproved by the Word of God. Delivered partly to The University-Congregation in Cambridge, and partly to another in the same Town.    More details...
The Judgment Set
    • Title: Judgment Set & the Books Opened
    • Author: John WebsterDownload PDF (1.63 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1654
    • Description: The Judgment Set, and the Books Opened. Religion tried, whether it be of God or of Men. The Lord cometh to visit his own, for the time is come that Judgment must begin at the House of God. To separate the Sheep from the Goats and the Precious from the Vile. And to discover the blasphemy of those that say that they are Apostles, Teachers, Alive, Rich, Jews; but are found liars, deceivers, dead, poor, blind, naked, the synagogue of Satan. In Several Sermons Delivered by Mr. John Webster at All Hallows Lombard Street, London.    More details...
Marks and Evidences
    • Title: Knowledge of our Interest in Christ
    • Author: William CudworthDownload PDF (401 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1745
    • Description: Some Reasons Against making the use of marks and evidences, in order to attain the Knowledge of our interest in Christ.    More details...
Election of Grace
    • Title: The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time
    • Author: James BarryDownload PDF (610 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1700
    • Description: The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time. Asserted and Proved by God’s Word, against the Quakers, Papists and Arminians. In Answer to a Challenge given the Author to make good {by the Scriptures of Truth} the above-said Doctrine.    More details...
Perfection of Justification
    • Title: The Perfection of Justification
    • Author: John SimpsonDownload PDF (1.16 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1648
    • Description: The Perfection of Justification maintained against the Pharisee; the Purity of Sanctification against the stainers of it; the Unquestionableness of a Future Glorification against the Sadducee. In Several Sermons. By John Simpson, an unworthy publisher of Gospel-truths in London.    More details...
Mount Sion
    • Title: Mount Sion
    • Author: Walter CradockDownload PDF (988 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1648
    • Description: Mount Sion OR, the Privilege and Practice OF THE SAINTS Opened and Applied by that faithful Dispenser of the Mysteries of Christ, by WALTER CRADOCK, late Preacher at Allhallows the Great in London.    More details...
Observations upon Hosea the Second
    • Title: Certain Observations upon Hosea the Second
    • Author: William KiffinDownload PDF (427 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1642
    • Description: Certain Observations upon Hosea the Second, the 7th & 8th verses, as they were Delivered at a Friend’s House who had broken his leg, for which Meeting the Author was Committed to the White Lion Gaol, by Sir Thomas Malet, late Judge of Assize, for the County where he remains a Prisoner of Jesus Christ. By William Kiffin.    More details...
Mount Sion
    • Title: Word of Prophesy
    • Author: Henry PinnellDownload PDF (645 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1648
    • Description: A WORD OF PROPHESY Concerning the Parliament, General Cromwell, and the Army. With a little of the first Adam. Wherein are divers objections answered, concerning that position of God, being the Author of Sin, by Henry Pinnell. Included is Pinnell’s Introduction to the Third Volume of the Sermons of Tobias Crisp, entitled CHRIST ALONE EXALTED, 1646.    More details...
Samuel Stockell Redeemer's Glory Unveiled
    • Title: Redeemer's Glory Unveiled
    • Author: Samuel StockellDownload PDF (1391 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1733
    • Description: The Redeemer’s Glory Unveiled or the Excellency of Christ Vindicated in the Antiquity of His Person as God-Man, Before the World Began. Being an Explication of the Mystery, which was kept secret, from the Beginning of the World. Wherein are unfolded, the Doctrines of the Pre-existence of the Soul of Jesus Christ, and the Glory of the Elect in their Vital Union to Him, &c., being a reprehension of this degenerate Age. By Samuel Stockell.    More details...
Antidote Against Arminianism
    • Title: THE REAL Antidote Against Arminianism
    • Author: Christopher NessDownload PDF (1.11 mb)
    • Originally Printed: 1700
    • Description: THE REAL Antidote Against Arminianism {Undiluted, Uncompromised, Unfiltered & Restored After 300 YEARS} or A Succinct Discourse to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points thereof, to wit, Predestination Grounded upon Man’s Foreseen Works. Universal Redemption. Sufficient Grace in All. The Power of Man’s Free-will in Conversion, and the Possibility of true Saints Falling away totally and finally. All which are demonstrated here to be Damnable Errors, both by Scripture and Reason, &c. All Undeniable & Uncontrollable. Published for Public Good, by Christopher Ness.    More details...
Thomas Whitfield Sin and the Sovereignty of God
    • Title: Sin and the Sovereignty of God
    • Author: Thomas WhitfieldDownload PDF (629 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1654
    • Description: A TREATISE TENDING to show how that the Just & Holy God, may have a Hand in the unjust actions of SINFUL MEN, and that in such a way as shall be without any impeachment of his Justice & Holiness, or Diminution of his Power and Providence. By Thomas Whitfield.    More details...
Walter Cradock Glad Tidings
    • Title: Glad Tidings from Heaven to the Worst of Sinners
    • Author: Walter CradockDownload PDF (542 kb)
    • Originally Printed: 1648
    • Description: Glad Tidings from Heaven to the Worst of Sinners on Earth. A Sermon preached by that faithful Dispenser of the Mysteries of Christ, Walter Cradock, late Preacher at All-hallows the Great in London.    More details...

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