Gospel Glory

Edward Drapes was an Early Particular Baptist, a member of the Glasshouse Meeting House, located in London; to whom this work is dedicated. As one reads Drapes he finds himself immersed in the sentiments of these early Baptists, as unity of thought, with such leaders as Samuel Richardson, William Kiffin & John Spilsbury, becomes evident; and as a marked distinction of setting forth the pre-eminent Glory of Christ shines forth. Apart from this book entitled, Gospel Glory, it would appear that he only published one other work in 1646, entitled, A Plain and Faithful Discovery of a Beam in Master Edward’s Eye, London.

Gospel Glory; wherein the Mystery of God in Christ, and his Royal, Spiritual Government over the Souls and Bodies of his Saints is Clearly Discovered, Plainly Asserted and Faithfully Vindicated, against the Deceiver and his Servants who endeavour the Cessation thereof, upon what Pretence Soever. Behold in this ensuing treatise, power, light, mystery, God, Christ and perfection unveiled and advanced; ordinances, duties and visible worship in their proper places, and their spheres also established. Christ is here represented to you as your King, Priest, and Prophet, purchasing your happiness, commanding your obedience, discovering your duty, rewarding your faithfulness to death with a crown of life. In these perilous times, when ungodliness rages from place to place, and blasphemy against the God of Truth and Children of Righteousness, spreads itself, like an overflowing stream, or contagious disease, whereby truth seems to be fallen in the street; and many who formerly esteemed it their glory to be professors thereof have departed from it, and abandoned the profession of it; my spirit was exceedingly moved within me to publish this discourse, as to the consideration of those, who have already shaken off Christ’s easy yoke from their shoulders, that they may see from whence they are fallen, repent and do their first works; so especially to your view, who through grace have followed the Lamb in all his righteous paths, that you may continue to the end, that no man may take your crown from you.

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Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle
and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus. Hebrews 3:1