The Saint’s Desire; or, a Cordial for a Fainting Soul

Samuel Richardson, 1602-1658, was a leader among the Early Particular Baptists. From his writings we can easily observe that Richardson was a Firm Advocate for the Cause of Religious Liberty; a Loyal Supporter of the Government of Oliver Cromwell, and the Parliamentary Cause; and above all an Exalter of Christ Alone & fervent Setter Forth of Christ’s Glory & Preeminence in Salvation. He most definitely was a formative leader of the early English Particular Baptists, and one of the twelve signers of the 1644; and slightly revised 1646 London Confession of Faith.

This work was printed in 1647, and is sub-titled, A Cordial for a Fainting Soul. In his Preface, Richardson says, “there be some other things contained in this Treatise, which I trust will be of use to some; and as for the directions concerning the Scriptures, they have been observed by many to be necessary to cut off many errors. I have added some other things; my whole aim and scope in all I have written, is, first, to sustain, comfort, and encourage the discouraged soul from sinking in despair, by reason of their many and great sins; secondly, to withdraw the soul from the life of its own hand, to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Thirdly, that the soul might know and live in the assurance of the love of God, which will fill the soul full of life, sweetness, and joy. Fourthly, that the soul should obey Christ, and live to his Glory, and suffer for him. Fifthly, to prevent errors, and to rescue such who belong to Christ, who have through mistake fallen into blunders by the wiles of Satan. You are not to expect vain philosophy, nor enticing words of the wisdom of man; for here it is not. I have desired and endeavored to make the truth appear by the evidence and demonstration of the Holy Scriptures, as that which is most safe and profitable for our souls to venture themselves upon; and seeing they are to be our only rule; search the Scriptures to see whether what I have declared be so or no, and I trust you shall find it true and sweet, though others, through ignorance, may call it error.” This edition also includes a biographical sketch of Samuel Richardson.

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