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Having set a doctrinal foundation for the direction of our website, it has now been laid upon our heart to begin the work of re-publishing a selection of the books {complete & unabridged} from whence these selections {extracted writings} have been taken; being of the persuasion, that the ‘gold’ in these mines are worthy of extraction, close study and prayerful contemplation; and thus, we venture forth, with a sincere desire that a fresh evaluation of these authors and their works will yield {by the blessing of the Spirit} rich dividends to souls enquiring the way to Zion; and to convince Pharisaical gainsayers of their pernicious ways in flinging ‘dirt’ upon these authors, whose chief end was the setting forth the glory of Christ and the edification of God’s Zion.


Books Printed


Samuel Richardson {Justification by Christ Alone} 1647

Tobias Crisp {Christ Alone Exalted} 1643 – 1646

Thomas Collier {Exaltation of Christ} 1647

William Eyre {Justification without Conditions} 1654

Robert Towne {A Re-Assertion of Grace} 1654

Hanserd Knollys {Christ Exalted} 1645

Hanserd Knollys {Mystical Babylon Unveiled} 1679

John Saltmarsh {Free Grace or, the Flowings of Christ's Blood, &c.} 1646

Robert Towne {Assertion of Grace} 1644

Joseph Hussey {Glory of Christ} 1706

Edward Bagshaw {Discourse Concerning God's Sovereignty} 1658

Joseph Hussey {God's Operations of Grace - Unabridged Edition} 1707

John Skepp {Divine Energy - Original Edition} 1722

William Mason  {A Little Star Catechism} 1653

Samuel Richardson  {The Saints Desire} 1647

John Spilsbury  {Peculiar Interest of the Elect in Christ} 1646

Samuel Richardson  {Divine Consolations} 1649

Samuel Trott {Selected Writings Volume 1} 1832 - 1862

Samuel Trott {Selected Writings Volume 2} 1832 - 1862

Edward Drapes {Gospel Glory} 1649

Thomas Beverley {Gospel Truth} 1693

David Culy {A Fatal Blow to Conditionalism} 1726

A Member of the Church of Christ {Free Justification in Christ} 1699

John Heydon {Some Gospel Truths, Catechistically Laid Down, Explained & Vindicated} 1647

David Culy {Glory of the Two Crowned Heads: Adam and Christ, Unveiled} 1726

Samuel Crisp {Christ Made Sin, as Evinced From Scripture} 1691

Henry Denne {Collected Writings} 1640-1646

Thomas Collier {Marrow of Christianity} 1647

John Eaton {Honeycombe of Free Justification in Christ Alone} 1642

Samuel Richardson {Collected Writings} 1645-1658

Martin Luther {Commentary on the Galatians} 1535

John Foxe {Christ Crucified} 1575

John Saltmarsh {Sparkles of Glory} 1647

Richard Davis {Vindication of the Doctrine of Justification and Union before Faith} 1698

Lewis Wayman {A Further Enquiry after Truth + A Defense Thereof} 1738 & 1739

Theodore Beza {The Treasure of Gospel Truth} 1576

Isaac Chauncy {Plea for the Ancient Gospel or Neonomianism Unmasked 3 Parts} 1697

Robert Lancaster {Vindication of the Gospel} 1694

Paul Hobson {Fourteen Queries} 1655

William Dell {Stumbling Stone} 1653

John Webster {The Judgment Set & the Books Opened} 1654

William Cudworth {Knowledge of our Interest in Christ} 1745

John Simpson {Perfection of Justification} 1648

Walter Cradock {Mount Sion} 1648

William Kiffin {Observations upon Hosea Chapter Two} 1642

Henry Pinnell {A Word of Prophesy} 1648

Samuel Stockell {The Redeemer's Glory Unveiled} 1733

Christopher Ness {The Real Antidote Against Arminianism} 1700

Walter Cradock {Glad Tidings} 1648


Books Currently under Construction


Francis Warham {Free Grace Alone Exalted in Man's Conversion} 1657

Robert Garner {Mysteries Unveiled} 1646


Books under Consideration


William Twisse {Riches of God's Love} 1653

Robert Tichborne {Cluster of Canaan’s Grapes} 1649

John Troughton {God's Providence Concerning Sinful Actions, &c.} 1678

Henry Ainsworth {Treatise on God's Predestination} 1644

Thomas Collier {Brief Discovery of the Corruption of the Ministry of the Church of England} 1647

John Crandon {Mr. Baxter's Aphorisms Exorized and Anthorized} 1654

Thomas Sutton {Lectures upon the Eleventh Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans} 1632

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