John Wheelwright

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Assurance & the Work of the Spirit

The immediate foundation of that act of Faith, by which we are persuaded, that Christ and his Benefits are ours, and by which we do receive Him, is the free, simple, absolute promise of grace, applied by the Spirit in our effectual call, which is called throughout the Gospel, by way of excellency - the promise, and therefore all God's children are called the children of promise, Rom.9:8. - Faith being thus founded upon the free simple promise of grace, applied by the Spirit of promise, is confirmed - by the immediate testimony of the Holy Ghost. This inward testimony of the Spirit, common to all true Christians, Rom.8:16, which I take to be, an act of the Spirit, applying the Gospel with such power, as we perceive it is the Spirit who speaks, and begets in us an assured Faith, I Thes.1:5. This is immediate, in, and by the Word of Grace; for of His own will begat He us, with the Word of Truth, James 1:10. The immediate testimony is an act of the Spirit, by which He doth dictate, and strongly suggest, with a soul-ravishing inward voice, to a believing, penitent, humble, over-coming saint, that he is a child of God, his sins are forgiven, or the like, being compared to hidden Manna, a white stone, a new name, Rev.2:17, which doth exceedingly confirm Faith. - This is part of the Comforters office, that which is taught in the Word, he shall bring to remembrance, John 14:26. The Spirit of Truth never revealeth anything in this kind immediately, for the confirmation of Faith, which is not revealed in the Word of Truth; for He shall not speak of Himself {saith Christ,} but shall take of mine, and show it unto you, John 16:13,14. This immediate testimony differs not from that which is mediate by the Word, in the thing testified, but in the manner of testifying, and establish the soul, by making a deeper impression, filling it with joy, and with the Holy Ghost. John Wheelwright {"A Plain Apology, wherein Free Grace is Maintained in Three Propositions" 1658}


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